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Posts tagged "surreal"

Sculptor Uses Her Background In Science To Create Otherworldly Animals Sculptures

The most usual way to merge animals and plants is to make a hamburger. But Ontario-born Ellen Jewett makes sculpture that shows the fusion between flora and fauna.

This Ukrainian Artist Can Glimpse At Magic Through Her Camera Lens

Ukrainian photographer Anita Anti combines women and animals to recreate scenes from fairytales. The effect is magical!

Japanese Artist Turns Wood Into Twelve-Faced Girl And Other Weird Sculptures

Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki has shared a series of photos that give us an unexpected look into the creative process behind his wonderfully bizarre wooden sculptures.

Animals Carry The World On Their Backs In Majestic Sculptures By Wang Ruilin

Chinese sculptor Wang Ruilin creates epic animal sculptures that he calls “Dreams.“ This series portrays various sea and land creatures as majestic guardians of the world, carrying its burden on their backs or seemingly becoming the world themselves.

Tyrannosaurus Gets Attacked By Flamingos On Google Campus

Google has a truly outstanding exhibit on its campus in California – a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton named Stan. The dinosaur was discovered near Google's headquarters and has been “living” on the campus since 2006. The quirky pet, however, has gradually been overwhelmed by a flock of pink flamingos, making it an even more picturesque scene....

These Creepy Photographs Of Faceless People Are About To Invade Your Darkest Dreams

Pennsylvania-based photographer Christopher McKenney creates little horror scenes, where the disturbing characters seem to be trimming on the edge between the worlds of the living and the dead.

This Photographer Collected Children’s Nightmares And Turned Them Into Twisted Photos

In his stunning “Dream Collector” series, American photographer Arthur Tress tapped into the immense emotional power present in children's dreams and turned them into a gripping series of surreal photographs.

12 Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Martín De Pasquale

Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martín De Pasquale is called by some the Photoshop wizard and not without a reason. He’s masterful digital photo manipulations blur the boundaries between dreams and reality, between things funny and scary.

Hirotoshi Ito’s Incredible Stone Sculptures Totally Rock

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito breathes life into stone by transforming it into practically anything but stone itself. His whimsical and unique stone sculptures create surreal optical illusions that can make us forget that they are actually made of solid stone.

Photographer Takes Amazing Surreal Pictures With An Old Film Camera

Oleg Oprisco, an inspirational 26-year-old photographer from Lviv, Ukraine, has developed a beautiful unique style of surreal photographs with astonishing girls in dramatic landscapes. What is perhaps most surprising about his work is that he uses old Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 film cameras.

Delightful Surreal Photos By Robert Jahns Will Brush Your Sadness Away

Robert Jahns, aka nois7 on Instagram, creates stunning surreal photo manipulations full of bright colours and daring characterS ready to boost your spirit. Take a look at this compilation and see where his beautiful fantasies take you!

Surreal and Explorative Self-Portraits by Ben Zank (Interview)

Benjamin Zank, a young artist from New York, invites us to experience his own perceptions through photography. This former journalism student discovered his passion in photography only a year ago. Now he works almost exclusively on self-portraits that express quite the existential thrill. The basic themes of Zank's creations often involve diverse power struggles and...