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Posts tagged "Thailand"

Couple Travels The World To Get Married In 38 Different Places Around The World In 83 Days

Tradition says to marry your couple once, in one place, and maybe 25 years later you can renew your vows. This couple says NAY to that and get married their own way.

After This Dog Was Rescued From The Streets And Beat Cancer, She Became The World’s Happiest Dog

Meet Gluta, who is probably the happiest dog in the world. Her cheerful face is not the only testimony to her happiness - there's also her successful fight with cancer.

This Majestic White Temple In Thailand Looks Like A Fairytale

Wat Rong Khun, better-known by Westerners as the White Temple, is a contemporary unconventional Buddhist temple in Thailand. We invite you to explore this architectural piece of art in a collection of the White Temple’s best photographs.

Breathtaking Paper Lantern Constellation in Thai Yi Peng Festival

The capital of the province, Chiang Mai, holds region's leading Yi Peng celebration during which the night sky is lit by thousands of hot-air rice-paper lanterns with a candle or a a fuel cell inside them.