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Posts tagged "then and now"

Fashion Historian Shows How Modern Fashion Photographers Borrow From The Past

By juxtaposing iconic fashion images from the past and the present on her blog, fashion historian Lilah Ramzi beautifully illustrates this industry's cyclical nature. Her Part Noveau series reveals how images from the past serve as roots for the fashion elements of the present.

Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother

The brothers made the pictures into a Christmas calendar as a gift for their mother to remind her of the good old days and appreciate her children's beautiful brotherhood, which only seems to have grown stronger over all those years. Some of them are disturbing, some of them are odd, but all in all, the...

Before and After Portraits Show the Effects of Time and Aging

To explore the effects of aging, London-based photographer Ana Oliveira asked her models to give portraits from their youth so that she could recreate them today. The seniors were then photographed in the same pose, wearing similar clothes and even making the same facial expressions.

20 Touching Dear Photographs

When a 21-year-old Ontario-based online media expert Taylor Jones posted a couple of family pictures on his blog, little did he know that 'Dear Photograph' will eventually grow into a huge Internet nostalgia forum with 20,000 visits a day.

Ghosts of WW2 Blended Into Present Day Pictures

Usually it's hard to relate to the stories we read in our history books - even if we know that these things happened where we now live. Dutch historian Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse attempts to show us how close the past actually is to us, by combining the World War II pictures with the present day...