Toilet Paper Rolls Turned Into Art by Sakir Gökcebag

If you were convinced that TP’ing is the only alternative use for toilet paper, the Trans-Layers installation by Sakir Gökcebag will broaden your horizons. A Turkish artist, currently based in Germany, thought of a way to set up multiple rolls of toilet paper into surprisingly beautiful forms and patterns, creating an urban and minimalistic installation.

This is not the first time Sakir discovers a way to reveal the artistic potential of the ordinary every-day objects laying around us – previously, he has also used brooms, umbrellas, clothes hangers, clocks and such. His work is the result of a close observation of the objects’ form, function and intrinsic qualities. Looks like keeping it simple works!


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installation, Sakir Gökcebag, toilet paper, toilet paper installation, Trans-Layers
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