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Photographer Captures Portraits Of Disappearing Tribal Groups

Published 3 years ago

As the world becomes more interconnected and globalized, more and more small indigenous groups all over the world are disappearing, assimilated into larger nearby cultures. Photographer Jimmy Nelson has set out to capture pictures of as many of these groups as he could manage to meet over a two-year period in his “Before They Pass Away” photo compilation. The result is a truly visually striking documentation of small tribal groups from around the world surrounded by the things that play an important role in their lives.

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Kazakh, Mongolia

Himba, Namibia

Huli, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Asaro, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Kalam, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Goroka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Chukchi, Russia

Maori, New Zealand

Gauchos, Argentina

Tsaatan, Mongolia

Samburu, Kenya

Rabari, India

Mursi, Ethiopia

Ladakhi, India

Vanuatu, Vanuatu Islands

Drokpa, India

Dassanech, Ethiopia

Karo, Ethiopia

Banna, Ethiopia

Dani, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Maasai, Tanzania

Nenets, Russia

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