Portraits of Unrelated Look-Alikes by François Brunelle

Published 3 years ago

They say we all have a doppelganger in some corner of the world – and a Canadian photographer François Brunelle set out to find 200 couples of such doubles for his photo series ​”I’m not a look-alike!”. Looking at his portraits of people whom you could easily mistaken for family member, you’d never think they are actually complete strangers to each other, only brought together for a photo shoot.

“I found my first subjects simply through people I knew who looked alike. Then as the media covered my project, more people came forward to take part,” -​ says François. The photographer has been interested in the human face ever since he started off as a photographer, back in 1968, at the age of 18. His goal now is to complete the objective of 200 couples in order to publish a photo album. If you ever stumble upon a replica of you walking down the street, grab him and contact François!

Website: francoisbrunelle.com

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