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20 Breathtaking Examples of Winter Landscape Photography

Published 4 years ago

To some, winter is the most magical time of the year when Santa comes and the sledging begins, while others may think of it as just another three months of non-stop shoveling and freezing. However, those who happen to live in the snowed-in part of the globe and are into photography, definitely appreciate winter as a unique time to take some amazing shots. Compared to the other seasons, winter is visually altogether different. By knowing how to take advantage of the light reflections on snow or how to capture great white panoramas, you could have a gorgeous photo selection by the end of the winter.

Here’s a selection of some gorgeous winter landscapes we loved – hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

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Photo by: Jan Machata

Photo by: Kent Shiraishi

Photo by: Margaret Netherwood

Photo by: taurus13

Photo by: Norbert Maier

Photo by: deep21

Photo by: Mark Geistweite

Photo by: Dmitry Dubikovskiy

Photo by: Janez Tolar

Photo by: Gregor Halbwedl

Photo by: Aleksi Hämäläinen

Photo by: Leonardo Valeri

Photo by: Edwin van Nuil

Photo by: Lars van der Goor

Photo by: Evgeni Dinev

Photo by: Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Photo by: Hideyuki Katagiri

Photo by: Pawel Krupinski

Photo by: Daniel Bosma

Photo by: Miles Morgan

Photo by: Lars van de Goor

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