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7 Up-To-Date Hairstyles To Be In Trend In 2017

Published 2 weeks ago

Fashion never pauses, it changes and turns into something completely new once you get used to it. However hard following it may seem to, you still need to try to like the reflection in the mirror.

Make-up generally remains the same, while clothes change with the speed of light. Hairstyles and cuts are somewhere in the middle. Yes, there are hundreds of options in terms of what is on your head even if you haven’t realized it yet. If for a long time you haven’t been changing anything, then go to your hairdresser and get trendy with the ideas below.

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#1 The High Pony

Yes, you read and saw it right. High ponies have always been the easiest hair styles available. But if you’d like to stand out, try not just a sleek pony, but experiment with its heights and style. High pony with rumpled texture or stick-straight will always look elegant and fresh.

#2 Platinum

Platinum is the 2017 color! Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebrities have already changed their traditional hair color. Silver platinum is the shade of blond that adds some mystery and unique style to any look.

#3 Super Sleek

This trend has came back from the 90s and continues winning the stage. All you need to do it was your hair and straighten it up. However, hairdressers warn that super sleek hairstyle will look great only if your hair is healthy; in case your hair tips are dry and fried – the trick won’t work. Always apply special heat protectant on the hair before working with a straightener.

#4 Flat Waves

Opposite to the sleek hair waves got trendy again. Make sure that you don’t overmake your curls. Your goal is to make the waves look natural and spontaneous as if it’s just wind work. All you need is make classy waves, then wait for a few minutes until your hair gets freer and then fix it with a little hair spray to prolongue the effect.

#5 The Hair Flip

Hair flip is literally the easiest hairstyle you can find. And its greatest benefit is that you can do it yourself without any troubles! All you need to do is to apply some foam on your hair, then dry it with a hairdryer and then flip bigger part of it on one side securing everything with some spray. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who love volume.

#6 Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs have become very popular back in 2016 and this hairstyle still holds the leading positions. They are easy to handle in a daily like and are perfect for a hot summer vacation. They look a little hooliganish and at the same time spiffy. Blunt bobs are great for all kinds of face oval and ages. If you are looking for a new you, then try this hair style.

#7 Romantic Braid

And the last point of this article is braids. Braids can be done in all possible techniques (such as French, updos, top knots, etc). Try whatever suits you best. Don’t, however, try to make your braid look perfect. It should be free and a little negligent to add romantic feeling and additional charm to our look. You can also opt for some flowers or colorful bobby pins as accessories for this hairstyle.

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