Artist Searches For Her Childhood Bully On Facebook, And The Unexpected Find Shocks Her

Published 5 years ago

Meghan Lands is a Montreal, Canada based illustrator and cartoonist, whose works feature a lot of her personal experiences. Recently she decided to search Facebook for her childhood bully – the person she spent the last 20 years trying to forget. Seeing that person after so many years inspired Meghan to turn her feelings into a comic.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Meghan told that she thinks many people do this type of mild self-harm: “We look up people who have hurt us in the past, whether on Facebook or elsewhere. I’ve certainly done it before, and since.” A lot of people seem to have related to this – her comic received more than 150k notes on tumblr.

Meghan has not given her comic an official title but describes it as a “rejected anthology submission”. “I think many of us have been either picked on or the pick-onner at some point in our lives. Growing up is tough to begin with, and in school we have to contend with this social pecking order that’s constantly reasserting or reorganizing itself,” says Meghan.

Upon releasing the comic, Meghan received a lot of feedback. People were reaching out to her with their concerns and wanted to share their own experiences. Meghan felt she had a responsibility to respond so she drew a comic – you can see it here.

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Meghan Lands is a Montreal, Canada based illustrator and cartoonist, whose works feature a lot of her personal experiences

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Searching for her childhood bully on Facebook inspired her to draw this comic

The comic inspired many people to open up and share their experiences

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