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Cheats Pokémon GO: tips and app to save battery

Published 11 months ago

One of the great problems related to the time of the app regards surely the battery life. It is, in fact, a game which, using augmented reality, can only consume a great deal of charge. The ‘basic’ advice is to bring a powerbank when you are out hunting the monsters, but there are countless tricks (all lawful and simple) to save battery and make it last as much as possible. We report an app that should be downloaded immediately (for Android users). Follow us in this tutorial.

How to conserve battery power: Pokemon go hack tips and tricks .

There are many tricks that can be put in place to ‘save’ as much battery you can, while playing GO Pokémon .

First, the simplest of all : absolutely necessary to turn off all forms of sound effect, vibration and music – all right, the game will lose a bit ‘in the’ taste ‘but will ensure a longer battery life. Second, you can activate the function that allows energy savings: if a smartphone is not a ‘top range’, this function may cause some inconvenience to the game to crash – remains to be proved.

Other Pokemon go hack tricks are to download Google maps so that the smartphone does not toil in having to re-activate whenever the maps. You can then activate the ‘battery saver’ using this simple path: ‘Settings’ and tap on the tick close to save battery power. Then you can lower the brightness of your smartphone (if there is sun, of course, is impossible) and stay in areas where network coverage is optimal – I know: if then the Pokémon is in an area almost not covered, how? Key, then, is turn off the camera when not in use.

Cheats Pokemon GO: risprmio battery, the app for Android

Finally, we can recommend an app that allows you to send in stand-by screen: this is Screen Off Keep Playing (only for Android, iOS there seems to be at the time anything like this to play GO Pokémon). It works very well on AMOLED screens (the consumption is zero), but also on the LCD is not bad, greatly reduces battery consumption in ‘unnecessary moments’.

Reference : pokemon go hack for android

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