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20 Times This Artist Brightened Up The Streets By Fixing Fractured Pavements With Colorful Tiles

Published 2 years ago

Ememem is an artist based in Lyon, Paris who illustrates his creativity by fixing broken pavements and sidewalks. He is also known as the “pavement surgeon” as he has repaired hundreds of cracks by using colorful mosaic tiles and stones.

Ememem has been covering and creating art on the streets of many countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Scotland, and Spain since 2016. The artist describes his work as “free and spontaneous surgical act, which repairs as much as it beautifies.” The vibrant mosaics created by him truly brightens up the dull grey asphalt streets. Check out some of his amzing works in the gallery below.

More info: Website | Instagram

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Saumya Ratan

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