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People Share 30 Examples Of Interesting Meals, And They’re Almost Too Perfect To Eat

Published 2 years ago

Cooking is a form of art – and it takes an especially talented artist to create a meal that not only tastes good but also looks great. In fact, some chefs are so good at the aesthetic part, the food they create looks almost too perfect to eat! And there’s even a whole online community that’s entirely dedicated to these amazing meals.

The users of Reddit’s nearly 4 million-strong food lover community are sharing pictures of the most appetizing meals they’ve received in restaurants or made themselves, and the pics are guaranteed to make you hungry. Check out some of most amazing ones in the gallery below!

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#1 Doggie Cupcakes

Image source: joecooool418

#2 My Mom And I Made A 100% Edible (Except The Lights) ‘Up’ Themed Gingerbread House

Image source: D3ck3r7

#3 Stracciatella Maqui Berry And White Chocolate Cheesecake

Image source: RainbowKitchen

#4 My Pistachio Chocolate Bonbons

Image source: Ctrl_Alt_3lite

#5 A Mirror Glaze Doughnut

Image source: Albertbailey

#6 A Few Awesome Tarts My Sister Has Made

Image source: IamBrodie

#7 Gingerbread House: 3-Story Low-Income Rent-Controlled Brownstone Apartment Building In A Gentrified Neighbourhood With Candy Glass Windows, Cinnamon Gutters, And Fondant Dumpster

Image source: iamzaka

#8 A Stunning Chocolate Rose

Image source: CuntCorner

#9 Christmas Mood Cake! Hand-Drawing On The Mirror Glaze

Image source: XeniyaSaviJones

#10 Perfectly Shaped Ice Cream Cone

Image source: terrrtkles

#11 A Perfectly Cooked Marshmallow

Image source: ImJacksAwkwardBoner

#12 My Croissant Journey Over The Past Month!

Image source: IntrovertedMuggle

#13 Chocolate Birthday Cake Decorated To Look Like A Dig Site, With Marzipan Fossils Hidden Beneath Crumb “Dirt”

Image source: TheLadyEve

#14 Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Loaf Of Bread I’ve Ever Made

Image source: Fuquois

#15 Piano Cake For Desert. Aesthetically Unbelievable

Image source: Browndog888

#16 Homemade Cream Puffs That Are Filled To The Brim

Image source: foodiemakingfood

#17 French Fry Board

Image source: squid50s

#18 Homemade Zucchini Quiche

Image source: Mocake75

#19 My Cousin Baked The Periodic Table

Image source: time_is_galleons

#20 Don’t Stare Too Long. Brioche Feuilletée

Image source: Techno_bake

#21 Perfect Flan

Image source: NorthsideB

#22 Sugar Wave I Made Prepping For A Foodnetwork Show

Image source: schwillster

#23 The Prettiest Beef Wellington I’ve Ever Made. Tasted Like Heaven As Well

Image source: prettyprincess93

#24 Warm Glazed Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Image source: Secondjest

#25 Plum And Apple Pie

Image source: squid50s

#26 Marble Chocolate Bread

Image source: checkyoselfman

#27 This Cake My Wife Stayed Up All Night Making For Our Son’s Birthday

Image source: soundbight

#28 Husband Is A Wood Worker. Made This Cake For Father’s Day!

Image source: allergictobeez

#29 You Guys Asked, So I Delivered. Here’s The Inside Of My Raspberry Rose Lychee Croissants!

Image source: Fluffy_Munchkin

#30 My Wife Made A Grazing Platter For A Wedding

Image source: No_No_Juice

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