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30 Times Car Mechanics Had To Fix The Weirdest Things (New Pics)

Published 1 month ago

To an ordinary person, it may seem that all car mechanics do is change oil, swap tires, and charge obscene amounts of money for their services. However, the reality is that there’s a lot of weird and interesting stuff that happens in the shop – stuff that customers rarely get to see. But not anymore.

Car mechanics of Reddit are sharing the most bizarre stuff they’ve encountered on the job to the r/JustRolledIntoTheShop subreddit, and they’ll make you realize that this profession is even more challenging than you initially thought. Check out some of the most interesting stuff shared in this online group below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

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#1 Customer Dropped Off For Oil Change. Neglected To Mention This

Image source: Igotaspotatlukins

#2 Customer Came In Saying There Was A Kitten In The Dashboard. One Of The Lube Techs Called Dibs. Meet Dash

Image source: bmxstar1468

#3 Aircraft. Pilot Landed With His Breaks On

Image source: goldenknight77

#4 Who’s The New Guy?

Image source: Carsonfire90

#5 Little Old Lady Dropped Off Her Caravan For A Brake Inspection. Yes That’s The Mileage She Would Have Seen On Her Receipt

Image source: franklybutthurt

#6 Cam In For An Appraisal To Trade In And Get The Mirror Cap Replaced. Hand Painted A Pterodactyl

Image source: GambitsReturn

#7 New Shop Pet Can We Keep Him?

Image source: schaeflife

#8 “My Tyre Light Came On And I’m Not Sure Why”

Image source: unstealthypanda

#9 Technically A Carryout Since It Isn’t Rolling Anywhere

Image source: themrfritzz

#10 Gotta Love Florida

Image source: thaatpoppunkguy

#11 C/S Vehicle Doesn’t Stay Running

Image source:

#12 Big Brain Time

Image source: Darth-Boogerus

#13 One Fender Bender Away From Turning His iPhone Into An Eyephone

Image source: CentipedeZERO

#14 Good Post Or Bad Post?

Image source: tiremonkey1

#15 C/S To Install New Tire. C/Dns That The Tire Was Filled With Water In Sub-Zero Temperatures. Had To Cut The Sidewall Out With A Leatherman To Get The Tire Off The Wheel (After Breaking The Ice With A Sledgehammer)

Image source: BoogerChute

#16 Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Achieved Peak Engineering

Image source: PDX_drifter

#17 C/S States Engine Making “Pssst Pssst Pssst” Noise

Image source: LumenGA

#18 Customer Is Always Right

Image source: dpatricio

#19 C/S Weird Rattling In Rear End And The Brake Light Is Out, Said She Tried Changing The Bulb Multiple Times

Image source: GMCSierra18

#20 Hardest Honesty Test I’ve Had To Pass

Image source: Orgasmic_Tiger

#21 On Today’s Episode Of That’s F**ked Up

Image source: greenturnedblue

#22 Customer “My Cars Heat Isn’t Working”

Image source: TJ_THE_HUMAN

#23 Roachcoach

Image source: KamaroMike

#24 Accidentally Made A Magnifying Glass When Rain Gathered On Crash Wrap Covering A Busted Sunroof

Image source: Boston-Corbett

#25 2020 Dodge Challenger. When You Live You Life A Quarter Mile At Time

Image source: jessnuts79

#26 21′ Jetta 1.4 With 1300 Miles. Probably The 6th Clutch I’ve Done In The Last Month. What Makes People Buy Standard Cars When They Clearly Don’t Know How To Drive Stick Is Beyond Me

Image source: Smokewrench802

#27 Customer Called For A Tow Because His Car Was Driving Funny

Image source: Hemp-Hill

#28 4wd Came In After Getting Stuck In A Deep Puddle, Car Wouldn’t Start At All With Nearly Every Light On The Dash. Pulled The Ecu Out And Found This Nightmare

Image source: Kingtripz

#29 C/S: I Don’t Believe In Oil Changes!

Image source: WeaknessBulky4520

#30 C/S Vibration At Highway Speed

Image source: Adventurous_Limit_78

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