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Artist Creates Stunning Landscapes Entirely Out of Food

Pictures of food and pictures of art do well on the internet, so London-based photographer Carl Warner wised up and combined the two into a deliciously creative and ingenious set of landscapes crafted entirely out of food called 'Foodscapes.'

13 Well-Dressed Zoo Animal Portraits by Yago Partal

Barcelona-based artist Yago Partal's "Zoo Portraits" series presents portraits of animals that are dressed up in carefully-picked and really stylish outfits. If you pay close attention to each portrait, you‘ll notice that their clothes actually match their characters.

Impressive Vertical Garden Decorates Dull Building In Paris

Patrick Blanc makes grey city walls blossom with his unique vertical garden installations. This particular one is scheduled to be inaugurated on September 10th (today) as part of the Paris Design Week, running from September 9th to 15th.

Photographer Rips and Reshapes Pictures Using Own “Gellage” Technique

Czech photographer Michal Macku creates gripping and beautiful pictures using the unique "gellage" technique - his signature modus operandi since 1989.

Photographer Captures Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

Photographer Jill Peters spent time exploring a unique and ancient Albanian phenomenon of “burneshas” - sworn in virgins, who must renounce their femininity and spend their lives as men. The tradition dates back to 15th century, and would be practiced in families where there would be no men to take over family's businesses.

Hundreds of Snails Tagged with LEDs in A Timelapse Video

A group of scientists from the University of Exeter, lead by Dr. Dave Hodgson, were researching how the lungworms, which originally dwell on snails, get onto dogs. In order to track the snail trails at night, they placed tiny LED lights and UV paint onto the snails, and created a time lapse video of their...

Incredibly Detailed Pen & Ink Drawings by Tim Jeffs

With each piece taking 12 to 16 hours to complete, Tim's drawings capture even the smallest details of each animal's fur, skin texture and patterns. Amazing, aren't they?

Architecture Student Converts Old School Bus Into Cozy Home And Travels Around USA

Hank bought a school bus that he later transformed into an actual living space during the course of 14 weeks. Working together with his brother and a friend, Hank equipped the bus with some highly functional beds, a kitchen, bathroom, storage and even found a way to recycle old basketball floor.

Artist Shows What Disney Princesses’ Happily-Ever-Afters Really Look Like

Photographer Dina Goldstein imagines what lives of the Disney princesses turned out to be if we left all the fairy tale luck and charm aside.

Portraits of Toddlers Tasting Lemon for the First Time

Photographers David Wile and April Maciborka created charming photo series, titled Pucker, where they photographed toddlers and their reactions to a first bite of lemon ever.

Creative Dad Takes Imaginative Photos Of His 4-year-old Daughter

Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano must be envied by many colleagues for the amazingly cooperative model that he works with - his youngest daughter, 4-year-old Kanna. His photo series are simply titled My Daughter Kanna, as the little girl and her personality is all that fills and entire frame...

Courtly Portraits of Cats Dressed in Royal Attire

Tashkent-based artist Eldar Zakirov created a series of digitally painted cat portraits showing felines dressed as various royalties. The project was commissioned by the Hermitage Magazine, giving the airy-looking pets the Hermitage Cats name.