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Posts tagged "miniature"

Artist Transforms Vintage Ring Boxes Into Tiny Detailed Dioramas

Dioramas are great, especially the grand military museum kind. However, a Trinidad-Canadian artist Talwst has gone the opposite direction and is making miniature dioramas inside vintage ring boxes.

Big City Junk And Trash In Tiny Dioramas By Satoshi Araki

Tokyo-based artist Satoshi Araki's miniature dioramas concentrate on various aspects of life in a city, but he specializes in emphasizing the dirty chaos of city life, even when it descends into violence or warfare.

Little Boxes Turned Into Dark Laboratories And Libraries By Marc Giai-Miniet

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet's works may look like doll houses at first, but they'll give you the chills. He creates miniature boxes with gloomy old-school sci-fi laboratories, attics, libraries, storage and interrogation cells, and houses full of dusty, rusty rooms.

Miniature Landscapes Sculpted On Household Objects By Kendal Murray

Not much is known about artist Kendal Murray, though one thing is clear – she’s a master of miniature sculpture. Using purses, pocket mirrors, cutlery and other household objects as foundations for her sculptures, she creates natural scenes rich with color and populates them with little posed human figurines.

Miniature Batman Takes a Soul-Searching Journey Through Texas

In what might be a darker and more existential take on the popular children's movie Toy Story, photographer Remi Noël has created a series of images of his trip through Texas featuring a plastic Batman action figure as his only companion.

How Some Landscape Photos Are Actually Made

What does spilled paprika powder and planet Mars have in common? To a New Jersey-based artist Matthew Albanese, the visually similar color and texture of the two lead to creating a meticulous diorama of Mars, and then photographing it in a way that you wouldn't think it's fake. Eventually this revelation resulted in the "Strange...

Minimiam: Little People in the World of Food

If you love food and photography, then we have a perfect mix for you! Minimiam (meaning “Mini Yum”) is a creative union of husband and wife who create tiny worlds of food with their little people doing their little chores here. Akiko Ida is Japanese and Pierre Javelle is French. They met studying photography at...