20 Strangest Things That People Found In Sewers Around The World

Published 9 years ago

Sewers have been around at least since the Bronze age. Naturally, people have thrown some strange stuff down the drain. Plumbworld’s blogger Ant Langston shared a nice infographic of the weirdest things found in sewers worldwide. From goldfish (who are apparently thriving in Canadian sewers) to cows, expensive wristwatches and half a car, it’s a treasure trove down there. A smelly treasure trove!

Plumbworld is large, UK based bath, toilet and plumbing retailer in the UK. Langston wrote that their team was inspired to make the post after a ball of fat the size of a bus was found in London sewers last year. These kinds of posts aren’t rare for the company, either: for a retailer, it has a surprising amount of historical posts on sewers, toilets and showers.

More info: plumbworld.co.uk (h/t: boredpanda)

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