5 Top Online Creative Resources

Published 8 years ago

The Talent Bank

A place where various types of creatives can share their stuff and have it retied by the online community. It is for artists, poets, filmmakers, writers, comedians and photographers and you can also upload videos of yourself describing your work and what inspired it. Free to use.


Etsy is a popular platform for creatives to sell their work, it is especially popular with artists who can create their own shop where you can add the art you want to sell and set the prices. Setting up a shop is very easy and relatively cheap, great for those that want to make some money out of their art.

The Casual Optimist

A website all about books and book design, if you are a budding author you are sure to find something useful here. As they quote on their website ““everywhere we looked there were books… they were piled on tables and chairs, as well as on shelves”. Full of inspiration.

BBC WritersRoom

Apart from the fact they allow the submission of unsolicited scripts that, if they are good enough, stand a chance of actually being commissioned, the Writers Room is also a brilliant resource for any budding writer trying to hone their craft. From advice on how to structure your script to creating characters and with interviews with scriptwriters and creators of great TV shows, it is definitely worth a visit.

Creative Bloq

Awesome online magazine style site with loads of advice and tips in a variety of creative fields. there are handy how to guides to run you through how to do things and an inspiration section if you need to get the creative juices flowing.

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