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A Simple Guide on How to Cut Glass and DIY Glass Projects

Published 7 years ago

Sustainability is quite a big deal, it means a lot to us, it means a lot to Earth. It is not easy but it is worth it, it is rewardful.

In a world that seems to be driven in consumerism at every step, at every corner, we are the ones that need to act. A simple act like recycling, reusing or up-cycling can go a long path, can save piece of our would and give it the change to breathe and relax for a few moments.

It all comes down to saving energy, making our footprint smaller, enjoying the best without forgetting about the rest, without overlooking what we are leaving behind. A small, creative and beautifully illustrated guide showcases below how we can in a few simple steps, help. We can help be reusing a form of energy, carefully infused in the process of wine bottle making, we can give it a new life, a new shape, we can recycle in its pure shape or reuse it in its pure shape, long story short: plenty of options to happily save a piece of energy.

It goes without saying that it can be immense fun, you can get crafty with friends,family and loves ones, you can materialize a craft with memory.

Start recycling, start crafting, make the world better today, for tomorrow.

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A Simple Guide on How to Cut Glass and DIY Glass Projects

A Simple Guide on How to Cut Glass and DIY Glass Projects

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