Postman By Day, Urban Explorer By Night, CriticalMass Photographs Abandoned Italian Ruins

Published 10 years ago

A UK-based photographer, who goes by the nickname CriticalMass, shares his passion for exploring abandoned places through his haunting photography of Italian ruins. With these melancholy shots, the photographer takes us on a tour through abandoned orphanages, hospitals, villas, mortuaries and industrial complexes in Italy. The location of the places are intentionally left unpublished, as the artist claims he wants to prevent these places from possible damage.

Despite his wonderful talent and strong passion for photography, CriticalMass is extremely modest and doesn’t like calling himself a photographer. He works as a postman during the day, and photography is his one great hobby. The artist is mostly interested in so-called “urban exploration,” especially in abandoned places that nature has begun to reclaim. He has spent 5 years travelling around Europe and documenting abandoned places with his emotionally gripping touch. He says: “It’s about seeing the unseen, going where the ‘No Trespassing’ signs says you can’t, to see what lies behind closed doors.


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