10 Brilliant Aerial Photographs Of Bavarian Forest Taken By Bernhard Lang

Published 1 year ago

The Bavarian Forest National Park in southeastern Germany aims to conserve and preserve the forests with very little human intervention. A photographer named Bernhard Lang decided to capture the beautiful mountainous forest in all its glory and the shots are breathtakingly gorgeous. In autumn, National Geographic will publish a Coffey-Table-Book showing his ‘Aerial Views’ Project.

Bernhard started to work on the project “Aerial Views” in 2010, for which he takes aerial photos out of open doors of helicopters or other small aircraft. Talking about his inspiration for this project, he said, “The vistas outside the window during usual passenger flights have always been fascinating for me. I remember being particularly captivated by snowy landscapes during a passenger flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo over Siberia, and the vast desert sceneries of the Sahara, I saw on another passenger flight to South Africa. Seeing these sceneries from above was very impressive and breathtaking for me – I recognized structures, patterns and shapes in these landscapes, which sometimes reminded me of abstract paintings. As a photographer, my aim was then to try to capture these aerial views with the camera by myself.”

Check out some of his stunning photos in the gallery below.

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Image source: Bernhard Lang

“I started with photography in 1993, when I began an official 3-year apprenticeship as a photographer at a photo studio specialized in advertising photography in Munich, Germany”, the photographer tells DeMilked, “After the apprenticeship, I worked for some years as a freelance photo assistant for various, international freelance photographers. Since 2000, I am working as a freelance photographer for national and international galleries, clients agencies, and magazines.”


Image source: Bernhard Lang

The photographer also revealed, “When I am capturing aerial photos from a plane I am looking through the camera completely concentrated and focused on the scenery underneath. I do not think anymore too much about where I am placed at this moment. With the sceneries passing by, seen through the camera, the process of photographing is a bit like meditation for me, and in this moment also a kind of a personal escape.”


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang


Image source: Bernhard Lang

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