This Afghan Photographer Is Still Using A 100-Year-Old Camera To This Day

Published 4 years ago

Drew Binsky is a travel blogger on a quest to visit every country in the world – and he’s pretty close to the goal with only six countries left! In one of his latest videos, the man traveled to Afghanistan where he met Haji Meerzaman – an Afghan photographer who continues to use a 100-year-old camera even to this day. Drew then had his portrait taken and Haji explained the whole process, as well as some history behind the camera, and how he got into photography.

Meet Haji and see how Drew’s portrait turned out below!

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In one of his latest videos, travel blogger Drew Binsky met Afghan photographer Haji Meerzaman who still uses a 100-year-old camera

Haji is the last person in Afghanistan to still use a box camera, and says he has been using it for the past 65 years.

The photographer agreed to take Drew’s portrait

The photographer invited Drew to his home, quickly set up a makeshift studio and snapped Drew’s portrait. Haji explained that when he first got into photography, box cameras were a new thing and he was excited to learn. He was taught to use the camera by his cousin.

Even though there was a lot of competition at the time, photography was still a good way to make money and Haji did so by snapping passport photos for about $1, and larger portraits that could cost up to $8.

After the picture is taken, it is developed inside the camera

The whole process of taking the photo is manual – even the photos are developed inside the box! On the right you can see a box with the photo paper, and on the left are two tubs with the IPO and fixer.

Here’s how the photos look when they come out of the camera

The photos come out as negatives and have to be inverted for the true image to show up, so Drew and Haji went to the nearby camera store to do so.

And here is the end result!

Drew was amazed by the result and said it was one of the best souvenirs that he had ever received.

Drew couldn’t be happier with the result

Haji then invited the crew to his home where he showed his camera collection

Haji then invited Drew to his home where he showed his extensive camera collection. At one time, someone even wanted to buy the whole collection for $5000 – $6000!

And even a rare negative of Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan!

The photographer even showed a rare negative of the last king of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, taken by his teacher.

Check out the full video below!

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