After Tenancy Cleaners Can Provide Help For All

Published 8 years ago

Post tenancy cleans are known by many different names: move out cleaning, after tenancy sessions, and so on. The process could be defined as follows: a service designed to meet the requirements of a landlord upon the conclusion of a period of tenancy. However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tenant or landlord. If you’re reaching the end of your tenancy agreement you need professional cleaners. Wondering why? Then read on!

As a tenant you’ll need to tidy up before you leave any rented property. Usually your landlord will expect you to use experts – don’t forget, it’s been documented that this is a leading cause of dispute between landlords and tenants. In fact, they may have specifically stated it in your written agreement. If you don’t do so they’ll book a team themselves and charge you for it. Bear in mind, some landlords will ask to see proof of a specialist clean by way of a receipt.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. These services are reasonably priced. And by using them you’ll ensure your deposit is returned in full. It balances out! Want to know what it includes? The technicians sent to you will use a detailed check-list full of specific tasks. These will be broken down into different rooms. For instance, in the bathroom they’ll clean all the taps, sinks, and surfaces. The drains will be checked for any hairs and tiles will be cleansed with cloths. You should know, expert cleaners will have interviewed both landlords and agencies to fully understand their requirements. As a result they’ll know exactly what they need, and how they want it done. You can’t go wrong.

In any post tenancy cleaning session there are several chores that are more important than others. For example, kitchen appliances like ovens, fridges, and freezers must all be thoroughly cleansed. In addition, lime scale should be eliminated in bathrooms, and dirt removed from beneath furniture. There will be greater scrutiny on these areas. But don’t worry the team you hire will pay special attention to them.

Take note, your landlord will also work from an extensive check-list which includes hundreds of items. They’ll verify an item at a time. Each task you haven’t completed will count against you. And that’s why hiring professionals is so vital – they can guarantee they won’t miss anything. Your landlord will be satisfied and consequently give you all your deposit back.

As a landlord it’s your responsibility to ready your property for new residents. Has a former tenant left your property in a poor state? Then use a specialist end of tenancy cleaning in London. If you don’t you may not be able to attract who you want. Prevent this from happening in the future by putting a professional cleaning clause in your contracts. Make your tenants fulfil your requirements by stating that they must provide a receipt to prove the work has been done.

Want to know what happens if you don’t do this? Some landlords tell their tenants to return their properties to the state they were in when they moved in. This is not good wording. It’s subjective and could lead to poor results. Why? The original condition of the premises could have been untidy. Therefore your tenant could get away with hardly cleaning at all. Don’t let this happen to you!

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