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10 Stunning Photos Of Surreal Baroque Structures Created By Qasim Iqbal

Published 1 year ago

If you have seen our previous articles about AI-generated artworks and structures, you probably know that there are many AI tools available now to help you bring your imagination to reality even if you are not skilled in painting or architecture.

Today, we are featuring Qasim Iqbal’s stunning baroque structures that were created with the help of the AI tool “Midjourney”. The architecture student started creating these images near the end of July and has gained lots of appreciation for his works till now.  In an interview with Demilked, he says, “The main purpose behind my AI work is rooted in my love for Architecture. I am a Masters of Architecture student so I was initially just trying to pick up another skill that I could possibly use in my projects, but then I realised I could create concepts and ideas that I’ve imagined but not been able to try with the constraints of more realistic projects. Therefore, the focus of my AI work is always to try and create Architecture which seems impossible but is also grounded with real life aspects making the impossible Architecture seem possible (one day).”

Qasim further explained- “My AI work searched for the “in between” space, the blurred zone where concept and reality collide. Where stone can be silk and silk can be stone. The images should make the viewer want to look closely and more carefully, question what they know as the norm and encourage them to ask how and why.” Scroll below to see some of his wonderful works.

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Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal


Image: Qasim Iqbal

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