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This Artist Uses Branches To Create Stunning Sculptures And Human-Sized Nests

Published 2 years ago

Back when he was a young boy, New York-based artist Charlie Baker used to spend summers at his family’s home on Shelter Island, where he developed an appreciation for nature and all of its unique shapes. Fast forward to this day and the artist uses all-natural materials to create stunning human-sized nests and wooden sculptures that have been on display everywhere from Uruguay to Central Park.

“I like the idea of the natural beating out the industrial, of vines taking over a building, of rust forming on metal and moss sprouting between the cracks of bricks on a walkway,” says the artist in his bio. When creating his works, Charlie combines straight man-made lines with the ever-changing shapes of nature and chooses natural colors of the material over paint or coatings.

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Artist Charlie Baker uses natural materials to create impressive wooden sculptures

Image source: Baker Structures

In a recent interview with Wired, the artist said that sometimes his works start out with a sketch while other times it’s the materials combined with a little experimenting that dictate the final shape and form.

Image source: Baker Structures

Charlie says that he tends to gravitate towards curvier and twistier shapes as they tend to create a sense of motion in the final piece.

Image source: Baker Structures

When choosing the materials for his projects, Charlie mostly uses laurel as it has a very twiggy appearance and is naturally resistant to rot and bugs. He also doesn’t cut any live trees and uses ones that are either dead or almost dead.

Check out more of the artist’s projects below!

Image source: Baker Structures

Image source: Baker Structures

Image source: Baker Structures

Image source: Baker Structures

Image source: Baker Structures

See Charlie’s recent interview with Wired where he goes into detail about his creative process below!

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