Candles Cry Scented Wax Tears While They Burn

Published 9 years ago

If dripping candle wax looks like tears, then The Jacks have the product just for you! Here are special skull candle holders that will “cry” as the candle melts. They come in a variety of shapes, while scented candles come in both quirky shapes and colors. The skull holder has a brain candle, and the bunny holder has pointy ears.

The Jacks are a design team based in South Korea. Their project was launched on Kickstarter, and even though the project has already passed the mark, you can still fund it. Crying skull candle holder – think how happy your goth friends would be!

More info: | facebook | instagram | kickstarter (h/t: boredpanda)

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If You’re Not A Fan Of Burning Things, The Holders Work As Planters, Too!


See The Tears Flow:

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