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Surreal Self Portraits Replace One Eye With An Animal’s Eye

Published 5 years ago

Flora Borsi might not be in the eye of the tiger (and her stances towards the thrill of the fight are unknown), but she wants to see through the eyes of the animal. Her self portraits series, fittingly named Animeyed, shows her “replacing” one eye with that of the animal. There’s no cruelty there – the animals are just posed in a way that their eyes are superimposed over hers.

Borsi is a visual artist and photographer from Bucharest, Hungary. “Using myself as model makes it easier for me to express my ideas and fantasies, even if it means working until 2 am,” she said in an online interview. “I can visualize my ideas more effectively and execute them right away.”

More info: | facebook | behance (h/t: visualnews, exposureguide)

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