Apple Watch Stand Turns It Into Tiny Macintosh

Published 7 years ago

An awesome thing about design is that it can help to reimagine things which we take for granted, by giving them new contexts or reminding about the old ones. That’s what happened with the Elago W3 Apple Watch stand, which turns the smartwatch into tiny Macintosh.

The stand is a reminder of a bygone era (1984) of personal computing when your all-purpose home media machine was actually less powerful than this wristwatch. The product is big on tickling that nostalgia muscle by giving the $15 silicone smartwatch stand an authentic look with a floppy drive cut out and everything.

It basically works as any other stand: the small plastic charging puck slips into a recessed circular hole in the stand as the cable tucks under. The smartwatch then slides in, and its straps tie around the back of the stand. Of course, you can remove them in order to make it an exact miniature replica of Apple’s 1984 machine. Sadly the mini keyboard and mouse are not included, so you’re gonna need to find those elsewhere.

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