Aprill Peacock Vase

Published 9 years ago

Aprilli’s Peacock flower vase is a 3d printed test tube flower vase designed to host dynamic, spatial and artistic floral arrangements. Consisting of twenty one individual stems which organically interconnect with each other, the flower vase mimics a radially spread peacock display to form a beautiful screen with unique patterns and a central focal point. The distinction in between the inner and outer layers gives more depth to the overall arrangement. By raising the rear fanfare, the floral display gains more distinction from the lower crest allowing for more dynamic arrangements. The weight containing structure is kept to the minimum in order to give more space for diverse floral arrangements and a lighter feel.

Peacock consists of twenty one stems which each hold a singular glass test tube containing both water and flowers. Each test tube can be easily removed and replaced to maintain cleanliness within the floral arrangement without moving the whole vase from its original position. The test tubes allow various arrangements to be raised higher from the ground surface in order to provide a more opulent, spatial, and fluid floral arrangement. Peacock is suitable for public interior spaces which are highly visible and require substantial objects to fill in the space such as residential, commercial, and hospitality lobby areas. The sculptural form, along with diverse floral arrangement schemes, can change the atmosphere of any interior with unique styles and fill the space up with life and refreshment.

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