Delicate Leaf Bowls Made From Leaf Skeletons

Published 9 years ago

Bowls out of leaves? Doesn’t sound possible, but Japanese American artist Kay Sekimachi has made them a reality. Using the skeletal structure of a leaf, she added Kozo paper (a type of thin Japanese paper made from kozo trees), watercolor and Krylon coating to create these delicate, wafer-thin bowls. The materials used make it look extremely light, fragile, and natural. Just the sort of thing one would expect elves, fairies and sprites to use.

Sekimachi was born in San Francisco in 1926. As a Japanese American, she spent World World II in Topaz Relocation center in Utah. After the war, she studied in the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland from 1946 to 1949. There, Sekimachi became extremely interested in weaving: she spend all of her money to buy a loom after seeing students working their looms a day before. Even though she didn’t know how weave back then, it is what brought her fame and the nickname of “weaver’s weaver”. Sekimachi’s works, together with the works of her wood-turner husband Bob Stocksdale, will be displayed from June to October at Bellevue Arts Museum, Washington state.

Interesting how she got time to make these non-woven bowls.

More info: Amazon (h/t: boredpanda)

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