This Agency Changes The Look Of Hong Kong Ballet And Makes It Attractive Even For Millennials

Published 6 years ago

For their 2018/19 season, the Hong Kong Ballet teamed up with photographer Dean Alexander and creative agency Design Army, to create an amazing campaign called ‘Hong Kong Cool’. It features dancers performing in various locations around the city and the colorful photos look absolutely stunning.

Pum Lefebure of Design Army says “This new campaign flips ‘classic ballet’ on its head, delivering a wildly fresh new look and creative experience far beyond anything the ballet has done before.” The campaign also aims to change the stereotype that ballet is for older people and attract a younger audience. And truly it does exactly that – the mesmerizing Hong Kong landscapes combined with impressive performers will leave you wanting more.

Check out the amazing photographs in the gallery below!

More info: Dean Alexander | HKBallet | DesignArmyh/t

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Dancer: Chen Zhiyao

Dancers (From Left): Shen Jie, Li Lin

Dancer: Ye Feifei

Dancers (From Left): Garry Corpuz, Wang Qingxin

Dancers (From Left): Gao Ge, Chaelee Kim, Liu Miaomiao, Lauma Berga, Zhang Xuening

Dancers (From Left): Leung Chunlong, Yang Ruiqi

Dancer: Yang Ruiqi

Dancer: Li Jiabo

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