Ballet Dancers Surprise Passers-By By Practicing Their Moves Out In The Streets

Published 6 years ago

What happens when you take a classical dance and you take it to the streets of New York or Buenos Aires? This photographer reveals the results and they are astonishing.

Omar Z. Robles is a New York-based photographer who is known worldwide for his breathtaking photos of ballet dancers against urban backdrops. With 300k followers on Instagram and counting, he manages to capture movement and express the beauty of a human body in unconventional settings. Having studied in  L’École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau, Robles was mainly inspired by the work of a famous mime actor Marcel Marceau and his ability to interpret the world through a subtle movement.

Robles photography not only showcases the beauty of movement, dance, and human body but it also incorporates amazing and vibrant city architecture. This pavement and ballet shoe duo has already been captured in New York, Bueno Aires, Havana, Mexico City, Chile, Hong Kong.  Take a look what happens when you combine a pirouette and a city that never sleeps down below!

If you’re eager to see more stunning pictures like these, check out our last post about the photographer here and here.

You can find more on Omar Z. Robles Instagram or his personal website. (h/t PopSugar)

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