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10+ Amazing Before & After Drawings Show Why Practice Is So Important

Published 3 years ago

There are a lot of success formulas, but probably all of them consist of practice and time. This is especially true for drawing, where understanding proportions, shading, and other techniques can turn a crude circle with lines into a detailed realistic face. ‘Draw This Again!’ meme challenge invites artists to re-draw their old artwork and present them side-by-side for comparison, showcasing their dramatic progress.

From pencil self-portraits to vibrant watercolor character creation – these images prove that nobody was born an artist and the journey to mastering drawing involves a lot of patience and hard work. Have you also been drawing? Then post your version of ‘Draw This Again!’ in the comments! (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 2005 Vs 2017 By Jade Mere

Image source: JadeMere

#2 About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles

Image source: Miles___

#3 Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa

Image source: ItsmeHoswa

#4 About 9 Years Of Progress By Laura Brouwers

Image source: cyarine

#5 Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz

Image source: serafleur

#6 Draw Jessica Alba Again

Image source: unknown

#7 1 Year Progress By Zary

Image source: zarydoesart

#8 3 Years Of Progress By Isvoc

Image source: isvoc

#9 I Repainted One Of My First Digital Paintings From 4 And A Half Years Ago By Sara Tepes

Image source: sarucatepes

#10 Improvement Of 4 Years By Noisebaskerville

Image source:


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