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10+ Amazing Before & After Drawings Show Why Practice Is So Important

Published 2 years ago

#11 Age 5 Vs Age 15 By Natalie Dementhon

Image source: Nat DeMenthon

#12 My Art 5 Years Apart

Image source: 

#13 7 Years Difference By Munchkinmay!

Image source: 

#14 Progress Of 3 Years By Amy Hussein

Image source: AHussein

#15 2008 Vs 2011 By Daria Widermanska

Image source: Daria Widermanska

#16 Redraw Of My First Monster By Rifal Jaelani

Image source: rifalisme

#17 2015 Vs 2017 by Chibi-Megimoo

Image source: chibi-megimoo

#18 Redraw Of A Portrait After 7 Years By Frida Lundqvist

Image source: fridouw

#19 1990 Vs 2014 By Ania Ania

Image source: ania ania

#20 Progress Of Drawing A Wolf By Tina Johanne

Image source: SmidgeFish


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