New Harder Puzzle To Find The Panda

Published 9 years ago

Have you recently tried looking for a panda in, say, a crowd of snowmen and failed to find it? How about looking for a panda in a crowd of metal artists? Joining the latest fad to catch the internet’s fickle fancy, Espen Westum drew a panda… and a lot of metal artists in their corpse make up. Can you find the animal? You can also check how many artists you can identify for those sweet virtual metalhead posts.

On his Facebook post, Westum wrote, “Most people have seen the “find the panda among snowmen” picture. I was inspired to make one myself, only with black metal artists. After drawing most of the day, here is the result! HAILS!” When not drawing metal pandas, Westum works as the head brewer at Westum Hjemmebryggeri and DJ’s for the band Petrochemical.

More info: facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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