20 Problems Women Often Overthink Illustrated By French Artist Rachel Lev

Published 5 years ago

Rachel Lev is a French artist and illustrator who creates funny and relatable illustrations about her life that deal with self-esteem and body image issues many other girls face. “Inspired by the life of young women, these illustrations depict the self-destructive side of our mind, but with humor, colors, softness and irony,” says the artist. “The more twisted our mind is, the more funny the illustrations are!”

Rachel says that to her, body positivity is a mantra and her work encourages self-love and and women empowerment.”We should all laugh at our small problems, whether they’re big or small, because we all have the same ones,” says the artist.

“Girls! Let’s laugh together at our terrible body image issues, fears, and overthinking problems. “Too fat, too thin, too round, too flat, too much pizza, not enough yoga,” we are all perfect and beautiful, and let’s try to leave it at that!” says Rachel. Check out her illustrations in the gallery below!

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