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Giant Cracked Lens Stands As Memorial To Photographer Shot By A Sniper

Published 7 years ago

In 1991, Croatia was a war zone where many lives ended and others were altered forever. Now those events are remembered through the great works of photographers, some of whom also fell victim to the war. One of them was Gordan Lederer, who was recently honored with an eerie sculpture on the hill where he was gunned down by a sniper.

On top of Čukur hill in Banovina, Croatia now stands a huge lens, cracked by a bullet hole in the middle. 33 concrete steps lead to it, which represent frames of a film as well as every year of the photographer’s life up to the very point when it was suddenly ended right on the same hill, where the photographer took his last shots.

The memorial to Gordan Lederer and all other photographers and cameramen who were killed during the Croatian War of Independence was designed by Croatian architecture firm NFO.

Photos by: Ivan Dorotic | Maja Bosnic (h/t: petapixel)

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