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Published 9 years ago

Earlier this year I started a company called Lost Cat™, which essentially is an ongoing consumer experiment. It functions primarily as a streetwear brand but its main objective is to explore new ways of interacting with consumers. This is something I’m very interested in, as a Designer, so I decided the easiest way to learn would be from first-hand experience. Lost Cat™ allows me to try out all my “what if” ideas in real time.

My latest idea is to see what happens when I let customers pay for items with logic instead of money, because I’m trying to establish a deeper understanding on the concept of ownership. So a customer can submit a sound logical argument on why they have the right of possession to something I made. If I’m convinced I send them the product, if not I respond with questions. Perhaps the knowledge I receive will be more valuable than the foregone dollar amount.

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This is the Consider Cat Sweatshirt Lost Cat™, worn by Colin Cowley.

This is the Faith Cat Sweatshirt Lost Cat™, worn by George Lois.

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