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26 Vintage Photos Of Celebrities Hanging Out In Venice That Will Make You Want To Go Back To The 50s

Published 6 months ago

Cameraphoto is an Italian photo studio and archive, that has collected over 300,000 negatives in their collection over a period of 50 years. Recently they launched a Kickstarter campaign asking people to help them save their vast archive of photographs.

The studio’s archive is full of celebrities like Sean Connery, Salvador Dali, Sophia Lauren, and many more enjoying their time in Venice. Sadly, the negatives are slowly deteriorating and Cameraphoto is trying to raise funds to digitize them and obtain the pictures in high resolution.

Check out the vintage images of celebrities hanging out in Venice in the gallery below and don’t forget to visit Cameraphoto’s Kickstarter campaign!

More info: | h/t

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#1 Paul Newman

#2 Sophia Loren

#3 Paul Newman

#4 Brigitte Bardot

#5 Salvador Dalì

#6 Kirk Douglas

#7 Catherine Deneuve

#8 Jane Fonda

#9 Alain Delon

#10 Chet Baker

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