This Glass Shows All The Moon’s Phases While You Drink

Published 9 years ago

When the Moon is out, drink! At least, that’s the suggestion, made by the design of these Moon cups by Tales design. The ingenious design of the cups shows you different phases of our Satellite as it fills with liquid. It goes from crescent to half to full Moon as you fill it, making it the most accurate astronomical drinking device I’ve seen. You then drink the Moon back into crescent – neat bit of symbolism!

Tale Design, a Korean company, advertises the Moon cups as “ceramic liquor glass for traditional rice wine” – white liquids work best for the effect! Naturally, you can use other white drinks like the “White Russian.” Or, if you prefer to both get wasted and Moon gaze with your cat, milk (if it’s of the milk drinking sort).

More info: | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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