Choosing the Best Birthday Cake for Tweens and Teens

Published 8 years ago

Who says birthday cakes are only for children? While the interests of your teenage child may not be the same as when he is seven or eight years old, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he no longer appreciates a homemade cake for his birthday. If you want to surprise the birthday celebrant on his special day, here are some awesome ideas for choosing birthday cake designs for tweens and teens.

Tips for a Cool Birthday Cake for Your Teenager

1. Incorporate pop culture references

Most teens are interested in anything “popular.” Be it the latest music trend, TV show, social media, boy band, or celebrity, they will lap up anything their friends and peers find awesome and cool. If you want a cake your teenager will like, choose a cake design the incorporates pop culture references. For example, you can choose a cake that resembles a mini iPod or one that comes in the shape of the logo of his favourite social media application like Snapchat or Instagram.

2. Consider your child’s interests

In case your kid’s not much of a pop culture fan, why don’t you use your child’s hobbies and interests as inspiration for the design of his birthday cake? For example, if your kid is a fan of cricket, you can make him a cake in the shape and with the design of a cricket bat. Or if he’s into music, you can make a cake in the shape of an acoustic or electric guitar.

3. Use your kid’s favourite colour

If your kid has so many interests and hobbies that choosing a specific theme for the birthday cake seems next to impossible, then you definitely can’t go wrong with this approach: choosing a cake in your kid’s favourite colours. With a cake that’s in his favourite tones and shades, the birthday celebrant will surely appreciate your effort no matter what cake design might be.

Save Time on Homemade Cakes

Now that you have a number of great birthday cake ideas up your sleeve, the next thing you need to think about is making the actual cake. If you’re too busy to bake one for the birthday celebrant, however, that could be a problem.

Good thing there are DIY cake kits that you can whip out easily. While they are as good as traditional homemade cakes, they are not as complicated to make. With a DIY cake kit, you can bake the birthday boy or girl a homemade cake at half the time and effort.

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