Ongoing Design Project: Creativity In The 21st-Century Through The Eyes Of An Artist

Published 7 years ago

Here at deMilked, we have a passion for everything creative. Yet when we try to pinpoint what creativity is all about, we find ourselves in a crossroad with infinite directions. The same one in which so many creatives figured out a path for themselves to follow. So who better to ask about creativity and the processes that are in play there, than the artists who deal with it every day?

That’s how our project “Creativity In The 21st-Century Through The Eyes Of An Artist” was born. We reached out to the artists known for their unique styles and ideas to comment on the 21st-century in the context of creativity. What’s the most important message about it? How would they describe it? And most importantly, how they picture it?

They expressed their thoughts not only in words but also through their art, further pushing the boundaries of creativity with their trademark styles. And after a long time coming, we’re proud to open up a gallery dedicated to the influential artists of the 21st-century who help shape our sense of creativity!

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Martina Paukova: Stay open to new technologies and stay open to play!

Check out how Martina sees creativity in the 21st-century right here.

#2 Coming Soon

Make sure to check back soon, as we’ll be adding works of more artists as we go.


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