30 Culinary Creations That Are Not What They Seem By The Wondersmith

Published 3 years ago

Every year it becomes harder and harder to trick people on April Fool’s, and telling someone their shoes are untied or that their fly is down is simply not going to work. That’s why people are coming up with all sorts of creative new ways of tricking their friends – however, one woman going by “the Wondersmith” online might have just won this year’s April Fool’s.

The Wondersmith, a ceramics artist and baker, says she loves designing recipes that look like one thing but are actually another, and figured that it would be perfect for April Fool’s day. She decided to bake a handful of meals that look like completely different things, and they’ll mess with your mind. Check some of them out in the gallery below, and if you want to try your hand at making them yourself, you can find the recipes on her blog!

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The three oranges in the front are actually marzipan-covered orange and orange blossom cheesecakes, with a marmalade filling. Yum!


These confectionary geodes sparkle like the real thing, and get their color from natural herbs, spices, and fruits!


These hollowed eggs are deceptive; they actually hold a blueberry elderflower cake inside!


Have you ever had the desire to eat rocks or drink cement? These black sesame smoothies and fudgy rocks are a much more delicious alternative.


I designed these buns because so many people told me they wanted to eat lava… a red pepper bread is filled with molten cheese sauce that’s the perfect combination of creamy and spicy. A crackle topping gives some crunch and a realistic lava appearance.


These aged pirate coins are a gourmet take on chocolate coins, flavored with smoked nettle salt.


This mysterious rowan berry cake is topped with hand-sculpted marzipan bird skulls!


These creepy rune-covered bones are actually pretzels and caramel coated in white chocolate. They are my take on a Christine McConnell creation.


All you need to make this realistic stinging nettle moss cake are some spring greens and creativity! It tastes bright and lemony and looks just like moss!


Daffodils are toxic, but these ones, made from wafer paper flavored with saffron and rose water, are totally safe to eat! They top an edible flower buttermilk pie. Yum!


This super-detailed blue crab is actually a delicious breakfast bun, colored naturally with butterfly pea flowers!


These grouchy mandrakes are filled with a hemp seed rice crispy treat with toasted dandelion root for a roasted caramel flavor. Even the potting soil is edible!


Aren’t these pinecones realistic? They’re formed from pine nut fudge and almond slices.


These amanita mushrooms are far more edible than their wild counterparts – they’re made of spiced cookies, naturally red icing, and cookie stalks.


Pretty little tea cakes? Nope! These are my take on a savory Peruvian potato dish called “Potatas Causa.” Different colors of potatoes and sweet potatoes create a vibrant palette for piping beautiful flower designs around a vegan “crab” salad made out of mushrooms!


This special chocolate cake covered in homemade berry fondant may look like a sea urchin, but it tastes like a dream. Plus doesn’t it match my homemade tea set perfectly?


Have you heard of the Japanese botanical art of Kokedama? I’m obsessed! These homemade cheese and spruce tip cheese balls to eat as an appetizer are proof of that obsession!


These may look like sweet sunflower cupcakes, but they’re actually savory breakfast muffins filled with late summer veggies and cheese. The “frosting” is mashed potatoes!


That big hunk of labradorite is actually wild ginger and green tea gelatin dessert. It shimmers perfectly in the sunlight.


This ancient book holds a deep secret: it’s actually a yuzu elderflower cheesecake sandwiched between gingerbread shortcrust pastry.


These spring bulbs are an edible appetizer: roasted garlic and chestnuts in puff pastry served on a complex acorn mole and crumbled rye bread for soil.


These cute little hedgehogs are actually chaga-infused steamed buns.


Yikes! These bats are shockingly realistic, but no animals were harmed in the making of this vegan dish: gluten-free pasta stuffed with olive and served with preserved lemon puree, purslane, roasted cauliflowers, and a zesty sauce


This is how I would imagine a real opal to taste: fresh, full of fruity flavors, and with the gentle perfume of honeysuckle. This plant-based cheesecake is my ode to the beautiful gem.


These millefiori designs are brightly-colored sushi rolls full of foraged plants and lots of veggies.


No butterflies were harmed in the making of this balsamic strawberry tart with edible monarch butterfly decorations.


They may look like little cakes, but these are actually savory tea cakes with an herbed cream cheese violet piped on top.


Mmm, a delicious bowl of poke… made totally plant-based with marinaded watermelon and amaranth “tobiko,” it was even more refreshing and delicious than the tuna version!


This beautiful bouquet of flowers is misleading… the tulips are edible, and stuffed with a tasty seafood salad. The greens are roasted asparagus, and even the shimmery bow is delicious and edible!


Oh look, what a lovely cake! Yes, except it is far more savory than you might guess… this Scandinavian-inspired sandwich cake is full of the flavors of a good pizza!

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