Adorable Miniatures By A 20-Year-Old Watercolor Painter

Published 8 years ago

Rachel Beltz inspired me this morning. Not to take anything away from her awesomely cute and impressively detailed miniature watercolor paintings, but they weren’t the things that inspired me. It was rather that she showed how close we all are to crossing the line between thinking of doing something and actually doing it, and turning ourselves into artists in the process.

My first set of miniature watercolor paintings was created in secret – Christmas gifts for my family,” the 20-year-old artist told Bored Panda. “They had fallen in love with these gifts – the looks on their faces had made me feel alive again. Their happiness and joy brought me back into the world of art. These miniatures would be the first step in branching out into the realm of sharing my work- something I’ve never been comfortable with doing.

Yet she did, and we couldn’t be happier about it because now we get to enjoy these tiny specks of watercolor paint, that given a longer glance turn into artistic paintings filled with incredible detail.

More info: instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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 #1 Hedgehog. A Loving Boyfriend’s Gift To His Girl


#2 Zebra Finches


#3 Red Panda. One Of My Earlier Works- But Still One Of My Favourites


#4 Elephant. One Of The First Animals I Had Ever Attempted Painting


#5 Chipmunk


#6 Penguin. A Gift From A Son To His Mother


#7 Owls


#8 Chemex. This Little Chemex Cup Is Part Of A Mini-Series For A Coffee And Dessert Bar In Zionsville, Indiana


#9 Dragonfly. A Commissioned Piece – A Mother’s Day Gift For A Mother-in-law


#10 Robin. A Little Robin That Was Created For The First Day Of Spring


#11 Margarita. In Celebration Of A Hard Working Woman’s Retirement


#12 Coffee Cup. This Little Coffee Cup Is Part Of A Mini-Series For A Coffee And Dessert Bar In Zionsville, Indiana


#13 Fanta. The Letter F For The “mini-market” Series. “mini-market” Consists Of A Brand For Each Letter Of The Alphabet


#14 Rottweiler. A Commissioned Piece- The Owner’s Sweet Little Rottweiler


#15 Mustang. Piece Created For My Brother. This One Was To Celebrate All Of His High Marks And Awards



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