Old Romanian Glass-Plate Photos Revitalized With Color And Digital Magic

Published 10 years ago

The re-discovery of over 5,000 glass plate negatives by Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte in 2013 was a sensation for historians and professional photographers alike. Australia-based photographer Jane Long created original artworks based on Acsinte’s newly-discovered black and white photos, giving them color and a sense of magic with digital manipulation. Each of these portraits carries a unique story, which Long tried to elaborate upon in her own artistic way.

Acsinte was thought to be perhaps the only professional photographer in Romania who took portraits during WWI and for decades after its end, so his newly-found negatives, which were feared to be lost, were painstakingly digitized to preserve them before they suffered any more damage.

More info: photomerchant.net | janelong.com.au | Facebook (h/t: petapixel)

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