If Voice Actors Behind Beloved Disney Characters Appeared Like Them, As Illustrated By Crystal Ro

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever wondered whose voices you hear behind the most popular Disney characters? The role of voice actors in animation movies is certainly one of the most important ones. The professional voice actors make it sound easy but it truly is a great talent to connect with the audience through voice acting.

I’m sure some of us do know about the voices behind a few Disney characters like Ellen Degeneres played Dory in “Finding Nemo” and Tom Hanks played Woody in “Toy Story”. But there are many other popular actors who have portrayed Disney characters. An artist named Crystal Ro created illustrations in which she imagined the voiceover actor as the Disney characters they voiced and these are all quite interesting. Scroll below to see 5 of those amazing illustrations.

More info: crystal-ro.com | Instagram | twitter.com

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#1 Idina Menzel As Elsa From “Frozen”

Image source: Crystal Ro

#2 Emma Thompson As Queen Elinor From “Brave”

Image source: Crystal Ro

#3 Kristen Bell As Anna From “Frozen”

Image source: Crystal Ro

#4 Tom Hanks As Woody From “Toy Story”

Image source: Crystal Ro

#5 Zachary Levi As Flynn Rider From “Tangled”

Image source: Crystal Ro

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