Wire Sculptures Beautifully Capture The Curves Of The Human Body

Published 9 years ago

We’ve all seen wireframe creations of variable sophistication. Richard Stainthorp makes some of the more intricate wire sculptures, and strikingly lifelike ones at that. The wires twist and weave until they from large human-like sculptures. Even if they lack faces or skin, they have fluidity and dynamics of flesh. They take shapes of women and angels, all of them stunning in metal. The highly porous surface should feel alien to those used to skin, but it isn’t. That’s the mark of a true master.

Not all of these sculptures are one-offs. Richard makes some of these in limited series, so there is a chance to have you own piece of striking wire art. Of course, since it’s the work of an artist, all of them will look slightly different.

But isn’t that what makes them special?

If you liked these sculptures, we have some more wire art here and here.

More info: stainthorp-sculpture.com | Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

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