These People Recreated 50 Famous Artworks And Some Might Be Better Than The Originals

Published 6 years ago

“Take a photo of the Rembrandt type” is an ongoing project on, where people submit their own recreations of famous artworks. So far, over 300 submissions were made and they range from realistic to downright hilarious.

The project isn’t limited to just Rembrandt – you’ll see the recreated artworks of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Johannes Vermeer and many more. Check them out in the gallery below!

More info: | h/t: Bored Panda

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Image source: Lina Groza


Image source: Viktor Brig


Image source: Lina Groza


Image source: Ignat Derbenev


Image source: Katherine Cusack


Image source:


Image source: Viktor Brig


Image source: Lina Groza


Image source: Handsome Rhys


Image source: Ulyana Nukolova


Image source: Yulia Lyashenko


Image source: Alexandra Polyanskaya


Image source: Ulyana Nukolova


Image source: Ignat Derbenev


Image source: Anastasia Scheremeteva


Image source: Lina Groza


Image source: Sergey Kuznetsov


Image source: Nelli Yavorskaya


Image source:


Image source: Ulyana Nukolova


Image source: Regina Akimkina


Image source:


Image source: Alexander Andreevich


Image source: Elena Gabdlakhatova


Image source: Veronika Bragina


Image source: Olga Limanets


Image source: Paulina Andreevna


Image source: Anna Artman


Image source: Polina Teys


Image source: Gallateya Brik


Image source:  Biblioteka Dobrolyubova


Image source: Ekaterina Peruanskaya


Image source: Nastya Nastya


Image source: Maria Druzhinina


Image source: Yulia Petrova


Image source: Dima Kudashkin


Image source: Yellow Submarine


Image source: Yulia Petrova


Image source: Marfa Shvarts


Image source: Anya Morozova


Image source: Mari Rokudzyo


Image source: Maria Sechina


Image source: Ekaterina Gvozdeva


Image source: Nastya Bukhvalova


Image source: Evgenia Devyatova


Image source: Tatyana Makotra


Image source: Cosmic-Microwave Background


Image source: Anastasia Shmelkova


Image source: Valentina Lugovaya


Image source: Bella Vyzhigina

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