Artist Cuts Delicate Lace Patterns Into Industrial Steel Objects

Published 9 years ago

Industry is all cold steel and masculinity. That’s why Cal Lane likes to take her blowtorch to such rigid objects and creates lace patterns. Shovels, wheelbarrows, car hoods, oil barrels – nothing is safe from her feminizing touch that creates contrast wherever it goes. Cal is interested in lace, in its property to both conceal (in vales) and reveal (in lingerie), and the associated femininity, as well as religious notions of purity. Each of her works possesses a different topic, but all of them contain these themes.

Cal Lane has done her part in various educational institutions, the latest being State University of New York, always improving her understanding of art… and prowess in welding, too! As for the lace-inspired contrast in her work, this is what she writes on her website: “It also introduces a kind of humor through the form of unexpected relationships. Like a Wrestler in a tutu, the absurdity of having opposing extremist stances is there for reaction and not rational understanding; the rational discussion arises in the search for how one thing defines the other by its proximity.”

Cal does more to steel than cutting – the also makes rust dripping art, too. Doesn’t look like a wrestler in a tutu, tho.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: colossal)

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