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Mom ‘Dresses’ Daughter In Food And Flowers Which Makes For The Cutest Photoshoot

Published 11 months ago

Meet Stefani Chaglar, a 3-year-old who likes to model for her mom, Alya, with her forever expanding wardrobe of incredible dresses, most of which are actually normal-sized fruits and vegetables.

But it’s not because Stefani is the tiniest girl on the planet, it has more to do with Alya using forced perspective technique to snap these photos of her daughter wearing a cauliflower dress, a slice of melon or literally anything else they find in the fridge.

This mix of creative and adorable has earned the duo over 31,000 Instagram followers already, and that number is bound to grow fast, as long as they don’t run out of food to wear.

More info: instagram (h/t)

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