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Published 8 years ago

Croatia is one of the Eastern European countries which went through a recent rebranding from a tourism perspective. As more and more people come to visit Europe each year, they get tired of classic destinations like London, Paris or Prague and want to try more authentic, new-Europe experiences. This new wave of tourists creates the need for countries from Eastern or Northern Europe to create tourism services which can cater to new needs, and also to promote them adequately for the 21st Century. The new campaign Croatia used in 2015, “Full of life”, is a great example of such a feat.

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image source: Croatia.hr

Many of you can remember the old slogan Croatia used to attract tourists, “The Mediterranean as it once was”. This advert used to run on top-notch TV stations like CNC, BBC or Eurosport for quite some time and brought a good number of tourists to Croatia. It portrayed the country as a place where you can get away from your daily worries and enjoy a classic part of the world, the Mediterranean Sea, just like people have done for the last few thousands of years. While the marketing campaign was a success, more and more voices in Croatia deemed that it didn’t quite match the expectations of modern day tourism.

image source: Full of Life Youtube Video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz_E3yPif18)

image source: croatiaweek.com

Thus, change was on the way, in the form of a 1 minute video portraying great things to do in Croatia, under the slogan “Full of life”. We can immediately see a few changes in marketing perspective here – the target audience is no longer made out of people who want to relax and escape the hassles of daily life, but more towards young people who are looking for unique experiences and adventures. It portrays the country as an ideal place to spend a few weeks with your friends, doing all kinds of activities from swimming, parasailing, enjoying the beaches and nightlife to more athletic activities like biking or hiking through Croatia’s famous natural parks and reserves. Suddenly, the country doesn’t look quiet and relaxing, but vigorous, active and, of course, full of life.

image source: croatia.hr

This paradigm shift produced a great effect in Croatian tourism. More people came to visit the country, spent more money doing various kinds of activities, and the average stay was longer. Due to the variety of new activities offered to tourists, they have chosen to spend more time in the country and see all it has to offer. They chose to see the country as a place where they can have fun, try new challenges and be active, all within a place that beautifully combines the sea with the mountains, or Western Europe with Eastern Europe.

image source: croatiaweek.com

image source: n1info.com

The new slogan and video is a great example of how a change in marketing paradigm can dramatically change tourism for a country. In the example of Croatia, the video put it on the map for young people from all over the world, immediately capturing their attention and winning good places on their bucket list. Full of life perfectly described every single moment you spend on a Croatia beach, in a Croatian city or on a Croatian cruise – a perfect description that brought great results for Croatian tourism.


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